Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the most frequently asked questions. The suggested answers might help you solve your problems efficiently.

Choosing to outsource your logistics, you save on the cost of maintaining the warehouse, rental costs, and the cost of materials and staff training. The fulfillment company offers a one-stop solution for every aspect of order fulfillment. You also save time and can focus on developing your business or brand.

I The customer orders and the Prep Center undertakes to perform the following operations with the customer's goods in the Crep Center's warehouse:

1. Receipt of the customer's goods in the Prep Center warehouse;

2. Shipment of the customer's goods from the Prep Center warehouse;

3. Unloading and loading operations, issue, storage and settlement of the customer's goods in units in which the goods were handed over for storage (pallets / boxes), taking into account the correctness of the marking of the goods made by the customer;

4. Upon the customer's consent, to apply a different label to the Customer's goods, which is necessary for the further shipment of the customer's goods.

5. If necessary, preparing and carrying out an inventory of the customer's goods at the customer's request and in accordance with the previously agreed cost of the service.

II The Prep Center provides the above services upon written request of the customer and under the terms and rates agreed upon in writing.

III The rates for the Prep Center services are agreed upon in writing upon receipt of the customer's request for a service.

You will need to provide your email address to which we will send an email with access to your personal account. Then you connect your marketplaces to your personal account. However, this connection is not binding to start working. After that you can import products and orders. https://fulfillment-box.com/prep-center-start/

No, you only pay for the services carried out. The subscription fee depends on the plan you have selected. Only the Basic plan is free of charge. This plan provides the basic functions that are necessary to work with the Prep Center.

Yes, this is also possible as a service included in the YSell API tarif. It is desirable that you have a programmer on your end who can accompany the connection process.

You can learn about the opening hours of the warehouses on the Fulfillment-centers page at: https://fulfillment-box.com/centers/ The receipt of the goods takes place during the opening hours of the warehouses.

No, you do not need a lifting platform for the goods delivered to the warehouse.

We accept your goods on the day of their arrival. Please take into account that delivered goods must be labeled correctly.

No, you do not need to notify us of the incoming goods. If your goods arrive as transit cargo, let the warehouse know in advance. An exception is when your goods arrive on pallets, as the pallet warehouse has a different address.

Yes, we ship throughout Europe including Switzerland.

We process goods with any weight. But it must be taken into account that postal and delivery services put restrictions on weight and dimensions of goods. For example, a DHL parcel must not be larger than 60x60x60 and weigh more than 31.5 kg including the package. The palettes must not be larger than 80x120x180 WxDxH and not heavier than 1000 kg. Please note that delivery services also handle oversize and overweight packages, but they charge an additional fee for this.

Depending on the type of goods, we send goods in boxes or on pallets. We ensure sufficient packing to minimize the risk of damage during transportation. The packaging material will be discussed with the customer in advance. The costs of the packaging material are not included in the FBM order shipping costs.

The warehouse is insured and theft-proof: it has steel doors, an alarm system and video surveillance cameras. All cases where a damage of goods is caused due to the fault of our company will be discussed individually. The goods cannot be lost due to the fault of our company, because we do not work with the transportation of goods.

Yes, barcodes are urgently required. We use these codes during the shipping process to avoid mistakes. If you do not have the possibility to supply your goods with barcodes, we can take care of it for additional costs. All goods that we accept from you must be clearly marked, i.e. the labeling of the goods must comply with our requirements.

Yes, this is possible if you will create an order for them to be shipped by 14:00 and coordinate it with the Prep Center. Then your goods will be shipped on the same day. The price for this service is EUR 0.50 per item added to the prices of standart services. For more infos on this service please see here.

Yes, we are happy to use your packaging.

Orders with requests sent before 12 p.m. will be shipped on the same day. We don't take orders on weekends and on public holidays in the relevant country.

Yes, it is possible by arrangement.

Both options are possible. We create a shipping label according to your wish.

The delivery of orders by a certain date is available at extra costs. The internal delivery of parcels usually takes 1-2 days (within Germany, excluding national holidays). Unfortunately, an express delivery by a certain date is currently not possible. The delivery of orders in other countries should be arranged individually with the Prep Center of the respective country.

Orders from a client to the Prep Center are transferred as follows:

● Connection to marketplaces

● via API

● Manual import

Orders in status 1-3 are not visible to the Prep Center. Only after the order changes to status 3 - paid, Ysell will send the order to the Prep Center. At the Prep Center, the program checks the availability of goods, reserves them, and the order automatically becomes status 5.1. Orders in this status are visible to the Prep Center. Learn more about order status here.

Yes, we arrange deliveries worldwide.

The delivery price is calculated as follows:

- FBM Shipment (order processing)

- FBM Shipment (the costs of each unit in the order)

- Package costs (carton costs, if needed - additional packaging materials calculated individually).

- Delivery costs (please contact the support service)

Example for Germany:

- FBM-Shipment (order processing) = 1 €

- FBM-Shipment (the costs of each unit in the order)= 0.5 €

Package costs = 0.15 €

Delivery costs within Germany with DHL (weight under 1 Kg)= 4 €

1 + 0.5×2 + 0.15 + 4 = 6.15 €

The parcel will be sent back to the shipper automatically (the return costs depend on the supplier tariff in the relevant country).

In order to find undelivered or lost goods, please contact the delivery service by phone. You will find the number on the website of the delivery service. Our company is not responsible for the activity of the delivery service, we just send your goods through them. If you couldn't solve your problem yourself, you can use our support chat. You will find the support chat below on this page. Your request will be processed by our delivery service specialist. Our specialist will ask you to fill in a form and to send it back to him. When that does happen, we will start the search for your goods and will contact the delivery service for this purpose. Thus, you will save your time and your request will be processed quickly. We would like to inform you that this service is subject to charge.

In case your shipment wasn't delivered, please fill in the form below. Only after we have received your data, we can contact the delivery service in order to inquire about the current status of your shipment. This service is subject to charge (the hourly rate of our manager depends on the country of the Prep Center your shipment was dispatched from).

We usually collaborate for shipping in the B2C parcel sector with DHL, DPD, GLS, UPS and some other carriers in Germany and EU, DHL, InPost and others - in Poland, Parcel force and others in the UK and Canada.

In order to make us identify your goods, please put in the name of your company in brackets: it is very important to specify the address of the warehouse in the country, where you would like to accept your goods after returning.

Example for Germany:

Fulfillment-BOX (Company name)

Walter-Geerdes-Str. 14th

28307 Bremen


Phone: +49 421 668 9414 0

Mail: info@fulfillment-box.de

There are 3 services basically used:

● FBA Shipment with the FNSKU (Unit) label - use this service if your goods do not have the identifier like GTIN or FNSKU

● FBA Shipment without the FNSKU (Unit) label - use this service if your goods are supplied with the labeling accepted by Amazon, such as GTIN or FNSKU

● FBA Shipment from the Prep Center (Masterbox) - use this service if your goods in the carton are already supplied with the required labelling, and the shipment takes place in the client's carton.

Our company can provide assistance in obtaining the LUCID/EPR service for Germany. You have to fill out the following questionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdoe71H0h8VwP_D1v0C5Z4z6tBb_AkUiqS-jURkUe4BwHD9Ug/viewform

Service cost:

registration and connection LUCID/EPR (for Germany) - 100 €

and CITEO (for France) - 50 €;

“responsible person” service for 1 year for Germany - 200 €

Go to Ysell Settings. Press Edit in the field COMPANY_NAME. Enter the company name and press Save. This setting changes the company name in the system and at the same time in the header.

Go to Settings-Companies. Change the company name (the name how it is shown for the Prep Center and how it should be indicated on lables) in the field Company name. Press Save to save changes.

If you want to change shipment after sending it to Prep Center you have to recall it and delete the FBA plan (if available).

Upon this you will be able to change the content of the shipment and send it to Prep Center again.

Known Bugs

Sku already exists - appears if you try to add listing with SKU that already exists in the system. Go to Products and choose SKU for search products then transfer the proper SKU to the respective product.

Not_in_product_catalog - product does not exist in catalogue. Proceed as follows: 1) open the case and add the product to catalogue; 2) create an FBA shipment in Amazon Seller Central and add the product to this shipment.

EXTERNAL_ID_MAPS_MULTIPLE_IAIDS_FOR_EXISTING_MAP. - The product has a new FNSKU and it cannot be added to the old one anymore.

NOT_ELIGIBLE_FC_FOR_ITEM - Amazon does not understand which warehouse to send the product to. Try to send directly to Amazon.

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