Invoice decryption

Ysell guarantees absolute transparency for billed services. You can view the services provided and their costs at any time.
The body of the invoice indicates the name of the service provided by the prep center and its number in the system. Copy the shipment number into the search function.

The Total Cost field indicates the name of the service and the price. Click View to get more detailed information about the show.

The Services field specifies the name of the service and the number of goods to which it was applied. Click Cost to go to the service cost page.
Go to Shipments and choose the filter type Storage.

Go to the shipment for the date you are interested in. Total Cost contains the cost, set by the prep center for storage.

You can upload a CSV file with the storage data by clicking on Files.
The Information about orders sent from the prep center is formed in the shipment with the type FBM order. You can also get details about the cost of shipped orders through the shipment number, which is specified on the invoice.

You can generate a report for shipped orders. Go to Reports and select Prep center orders.

Select the company, prep center and the dates for which you want to generate the report. Check the box “Add tracking number column”, to add the tracking numbers. Download the file with the report by clicking on Get Data.
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