Set up email notifications with and from Ysell

1 Go to Company and choose Settings. Find the Email button there.

2 Click on Add Email.

3 Be sure to fill in all the required fields.

4 After you fill in the fields, test your email account. Enter a test email in the field Test email address and put a checkmark to enable the test. After saving the Email go back to the Email menu and press Test to receive a test message. Be sure to remove the checkmark after the test, otherwise this will interfere with the normal mailing process.

Sending notifications and invoices to clients in Ysell

1 Open the Mail tab in the order and click Send mail.

2 In the opened window the email should automatically appear from the order. Fill in the remaining fields in order to send the email.

3 The uppermost field allows you to select a pre-created template for sending messages. You can create your own templates only if you have the Classic or a higher tariff. If you work with the basic tariff, you will not have access to Mail templates.

4 To create a template for messages go to Settings and select Mail templates. In the opened page click on Create Mail Template.

5 Fill in the desired fields for the template.
Name - Template name.

Category - Template category.

Mail Address - Specify the email to which you want this template to be sent, in case you want to send the message only to this email.

Mail Subject

Mail Body

Attachment - Name of the attached file.

Attachment File - Attach a file to send it with the message.

Attach invoice from order (if exists) - Send an invoice from the order along with the selected template.

Attach return label - Send a return label along with the selected template.
6 In order to send invoices, go to the tab Invoices and click on Create invoice.

7 Click on the gear wheel symbol to open the invoice management menu. By clicking on Send by email the invoice will be sent by the email entered in the order.
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