Order status

Status is the stage at which the order is at the moment. Each of the statuses indicates an unique stage of the order or a certain kind of error. Below you will find a list of all main statuses and their description.

1 (Order created) - The order has just been created.

2 (Order to be paid) - The order is awaiting payment.

3 (Order paid) - The order has been paid.

! Important: Orders in the 1-3 status are not visible to the prep center. Only after the order becomes 3 - “paid”, Ysell ships the order to the prep center. Arriving at the prec center, the program checks the availability of goods, reserves them and the order automatically becomes 5.1.

3.1 (Reservation error) - Product reservation error.

3.2 (Order without product_id) - Order without linking ID or FNSKU.

3.3 (Supplier not founded) - No supplier was found for the product.

3.5 (Order fulfillment error) - Problems with transferring the order to Fulfillment.

4 (Not in stock) - There is no product in stock.

4.1 (Order items ordered (reorder)) - Ordering missing products.

4.9 (Mail notify sended to client) - An order notification has been sent to the customer.

5 (Product in stock) - The product is in the customer's local warehouse.

5.1 (Order ready for printing on prep) - The prep center has received the order and is preparing to send it. ! Orders in this status are visible to the prep center

5.3 (Label print error) - Mail service addressing error.

6 (Label printed) - The sticker is printed.

6.3 (Collecting in warehouse) - Only one product has been scanned and prepared, and the next product is pending.

6.4 (Collecting in warehouse) - The item is ready for packaging.

7 (Order packed) - The order is fully packed and being prepared for shipment.

7.1 (Order shipped) - The order has been sent.

7.2 (Fba order shipped) - An order has been sent from the FBA warehouse.

8 (status 8) - The order has been canceled.

9 (Order refunded) - The order payment was returned to the client.

10.1 (Order returned to prep (Sellable)) - The order was returned from the client to the prep center. The goods in the order are transferred with the possibility of further sale.

!There are filters in the ySell order list, so you can get comprehensive information about your orders and their statuses. Filter orders by their status to see which orders are awaiting delivery, which ones have already been shipped to customers etc. Filter by statuses

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