Shipping an order

General information: Orders are automatically transferred from Amazon or another platform to Ysell. It is also possible to manually create orders. An overview of orders by status is available on the dashboard of your company (each line opens a list of orders when pressed):
Orders with statuses Created and Unpaid are visible to the client, but not visible in the prep center. Thus, unpaid orders cannot be shipped to the customer.

Ysell checks the availability of the product at the prep center, reserves this product and also checks the order for other errors. If there are errors in the order, the system assigns it a special status. You can see it in the order, as well as on the dashboard. The most common mistakes are associated with incorrect data in the address - in this case, there is the manual to work with orders in the Mark print error status.

If there are no errors (or they have been fixed), Ysell changes the order status to Order ready for printing on prep - the order is ready for processing by the Prep Center.

How to ship

1. If the goods from the order are available in sufficient quantity, and the system assigned to the order the status Prepared on Prep center, then the order is transferred to that Prep center, which was indicated in Order handler.
2. After that, the prep center prints the shipping labels (status changes to Mark printed) and starts collecting goods for an order. When the order is collected, the order is assigned the Collecting in a warehouse status.
3. After the prep center has sent the order, it marks it as shipped (the Order shipped status) and the tracking number of the order becomes available to the client in the “Tracking” field. Tracking numbers will automatically be transferred to the marketplaces, if those are integrated. Click on the tracking number to go to the carrier's website and track the order.
4. In addition, tracking numbers are available using the “Shipments” button (in the case when there are several track numbers in the order, a list of them is displayed here):
5. Click on the “Request from prep-center” button in the “Order services” field, to view the cost of services provided by the Prep Center:
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