Polling is the order status 5.3. (Mark print error). This occurs in case the delivery address was entered incorrectly into the “Shipping info” section. As a result, the prep center fails to generate a shipping label for the carrier.
Details about those orders are available at the Dashboard of the client, in the “Order count by status” section:

!Besides, with correctly configured notification, you will receive email notifications.
Enter your email in the field “Notify e-mail address for order polling” in the section “Address”, which you find in the company settings:

  1. To correct those orders, go to the “Order count by status” section, which you will find on the dashboard of your company. Then, choose orders in the status 5.3. (Mark print error), ;

  2. Now you're able to see all orders with the polling status. To edit a specific order, click the View button, on the right end:

  3. Click on the edit shipment address link, which appears on the error message. :

  4. Finally, you see all the wrong or missing details, you need to enter or correct:

  • On the right side of the window, you see a red box. This indicates the reasons for polling;
  • Problematic fields, in which incorrect data is entered, are highlighted in red. To check and correct data, place the cursor into the highlighted red field and use one of the tools:

Postdirect search - postcode search service by name of the city/street;
Google search - standard Google search service, which shows the correct name of the city/street;
Here search - internal Ysell service, which shows the correct data, according to the entered post index.

  • After correcting the address, click the “Save” button, to save all the changes. If everything's correct, the system will display a message, stating the successful saving of the changes. As a result, the status of your order will change to 5.1. Prepared on prep-center:

After the status of your order has changed to 5.1. (Prepared on prep-center), you need to click the Reset in Status 3 button, which is in the “Order contents” field. This step is necessary for the warehouse to update the data on your order and to re-print the label.

There are additional functions of the “Delivery address” field

  1. In practice, there are exceptions when the client entered the address correctly but the carrier's system doesn't recognize them. If you are sure of the correctness of the entered address, then check the box on the “Force print” field, to transfer them to the carrier.
    !Important: This is a paid feature only.
  2. The “Send email to client” function sends a letter to the client, with a request to provide correct data.
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