Creating orders manually

1. Go to the orders menu and select “Create order”.

2. Enter your company name. Enter the customer's email address on the “Buyer Email” line. An invoice will be sent to that specified address. You can also search for all customer orders by sorting them by email address. Enter your billing and shipping addresses.

3. The order page displays information about the order status, about the billing address (Billing information), the delivery address (Shipping information)and the VAT number (Order settings)

4. Clicking on “add” in the “Order contents” line, will add this product to the order.

5. Enter the details about the product, which you want to add to the order. You can search for an item by ID or by the number of its supplier. Indicate the number of goods (QTY), their price (Price), as well as the shipping costs (Shipment Items Cost).

6. You can edit the order quantity in the “Order contents” window. By clicking on “add” you can add another item to your order.

7. The “Order Settings” block contains information about the client's VAT number, VAT itself, and the country of taxation. The total amount of VAT and the order itself is indicated in the “Order contents” block.

8. Enter the date of payment for the order in the “Payment date field”. Now, everything is ready for sending your order.

9. Now, everything is ready for transferring the order to the Prep Center. The system checks the information in the order (including the availability of products in stock, the correctness of the entered address data), if there are no errors, the order will be transferred within a few minutes. This will be evidenced by the 5.1. (Order ready for printing on prep) status of the order. Statuses of all orders are available on the dashboard of your company (each line opens a list of orders when pressed):

10. If incorrect information about the recipient's address was entered in the “Shipping info” section, the Prep Center will not be able to generate a shipping label for the carrier. The order will receive the Polling status. Information about such orders is available on the client's dashboard, in the “Order count by status” section. It is necessary to monitor the orders in polling status and promptly correct information about the recipient's address. In this case the orders will be shipped on time.

  • You can edit order information by clicking on the edit button Editing an order
  • You can change the billing address and delivery address on the order page Editing an address
  • Adding a file with a label to an order is possible in the “Order settings” block Adding a sticker
  • There are filters in the ySell order list, so you can get comprehensive information about your orders and their statuses. Filter orders by their status to see which orders are awaiting delivery, which ones already have been shipped to customers etc. Filter by statuses
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