Transit from the Prep Center to FBA

The Transit to FBA shipment type notifies the prep center that the goods will be sent to Amazon after arriving at the Prep Center. Thus, the prep center must accept the goods and immediately forward them to the carrier.

How to create the shipment Transit to FBA

1. Go to the tab Prep Client-Shipments and click on Create shipment. Select the shipment type Transit to FBA from Prep.

2. Specify which Prep Center will process the shipment. In the field Who Creates the FBA plan? you specify whether the FBA plan will be created through Ysell or by Amazon.

3. Search for a product by its SKU/FNSKU/ASIN, by clicking on FBA Product Search in the created shipment.

4. Add the goods to the shipment. You can add the goods in units or boxes. When adding goods in units, the system will offer the service of sending goods in transit with or without FNSKU labeling. Adding goods in boxes is possible if the goods have a specified Masterbox Dimension in the product card. If you add the goods in boxes, the system will offer a transit service using the Masterbox.

5. Go to the tab FBA plan and create a new FBA plan for the shipment.

6. Click on Create shipments to create a new FBA shipment.

7. The details about the created FBA shipment are now visible in the FBA plan tab. You'll be shown its name, the shipment ID on Amazon, the city to which the shipment is sent, as well as the status of the shipment on Amazon. By clicking on Amazon you'll open the created shipment in the Seller Central. By clicking on Delete you'll delete these details.

8. Specify the information about the weight and the dimensions of the box. After clicking on Next, specify whether the shipment is to be carried out via Amazon Partnered Carrier program, and select a carrier.

9. Print the labels for shipping. Click on Next in order to submit the shipment information to Amazon.

10. Send the goods to the prep center by clicking on Send to Prep.

11. If you would like to make changes in the shipment after sending to the prep center, you need to withdraw the shipment first. In order to do it, open the tab Prep in the shipment and click on the button Recall Shipment (only available from the status Transfer). After that, you can make changes in the shipment and send it to the prep center again.
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