Sending goods using Masterbox labels

In case of missing FNSKU labels, you can use the Masterbox option to send your goods. In this case, the warehouse does only count the number of boxes received, not the goods in them. If you're willing to work with Masterbox, you'll need to specify the number of units within the Masterbox at first. This is done on the product card.
1. Go to Masterbox dimensions in the product card and select the redact icon on the bar. Then, enter the dimensions of the box itself and the quantity of the product, which will be in the box. Masterbox barcode allows the prep center to determine what kind of product is in the box. You can set your own barcode by changing the data in the field and saving the changes you made.

2. Now it's all set for making a shipment via masterbox labeling. Go to Prep-client, then Shipments and finally create a new shipment.

3. Select the name of the company and the service (here: Send to the warehouse). Select the prep center that you want to send the shipment to.

4. Search for a product using the product search or FBA product search function. You can search for a product SKU or other known parameters.

5. If the quantity of goods differs from the one specified in the Masterbox Dimensions, you need the change the quantity in the Masterbox. Select Units, then Masterbox Label.

6. After clicking on Print, you'll see what the resulting sticker will look like.

How do I change the label format?

1. Go to Products - Suppliers and find the supplier of the product. Click the edit icon (or pencil icon).

2. Go to the Masterbox label line. Provide the required details for the sticker (height, width and text for the label). Save your changes.

How do I add a GTIN or FNSKU number on the labels

Click + Add in the Manufacturer Numbers line. You can enter the GTIN or FNSKU of the product and specify the details for using it by default

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