Prime by Seller

Seller Fulfilled Prime is an Amazon program that allows sellers to obtain Prime designations for their products and ship goods directly to Prime subscribers. Sellers must commit to delivering orders within 1-2 days under the Seller Fulfilled Prime program.
With Ysell.pro you can automate the process of submitting Prime orders to the Prep Center and you can also get detailed data about the pickup stages and shipping of orders.

Processing Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Prime orders by the Prep Center

Ysell.pro automatically downloads data on FBM orders if there is an integration with Amazon via SP-Api. Amazon Prime orders are marked with the Prime flag, which routes them to the Prep Center for fast processing.
By checking the Is Prime checkbox in the order list and clicking “Search”, you can easily filter Prime orders in Ysell.pro

Registration and setting up Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime. Setting up a Prime Shipping Template.

You can sign up to participate in the Prime program on the SFP home page at www.amazon.com/sfp. Go to the Delivery Settings page and click the General Delivery Settings tab.

Scroll down the page to the Premium Shipping Programs section and click Enroll Now to sign up for the Prime program.

Enter your name, phone number and email address. You can add information about your warehouse in the window below.

Familiarize yourself with the vendor requirements of the Prime program. Prime requirements include delivering 99% of orders via SFP on time, creating 98% of your SFP labels shipped via Amazon Carrier Services, and maintaining order cancellations of less than 0.5%. After you have familiarized yourself with the requirements, click Continue.

Check each box and click “Confirm” after reading the requirements.

Now you can see the SKUs recommended by Amazon to register as Prime. You can register the SKU for the Prime program by clicking on the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen and selecting the Prime template. After that, you can click Enroll and Proceed.

Templates for international or regional Seller Fulfillment through Prime are created by Amazon by default in relation to your shipping address. If you want to create other Prime shipping templates, go to the Settings tab in the upper right corner and click Shipping Settings.

To do so, select Create new shipping template at the top of the page.

Name the template and choose a model for the shipping costs.

Set the flag opposite the Prime Delivery checkbox. Then click OK in the pop-up window.

Click Add Prime Regions to specify the regions available for the SFP program. After you have selected the regions, click on Confirm.

Go to the Two-Day Delivery section on the page and enter the shipping cost for this service. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once you receive Prime orders, you can track your performance on Seller Central. To view your performance, go to the Performance tab at the top of the page. Then click View eligibilities here on the Shipping Performance section.

To see your performances, click Access your seller fulfilled prime performance metrics. You can view your order quantity and see if you are meeting order goals.

Indicate SKUs that are into the Seller Fulfilled Prime program

Go to the Manage Inventory section in your Amazon Seller Central account.

Click Edit next to an SKU you want to edit.

Select the Offer tab. Specify the Prime Template option in the Shipping Template string. Save the changes you have entered.
You can specify whether an offer is in Ysell Prime. Go to the Markets section in the product card.

Go to the FBM section. Go to the column settings to include the Is Prime parameter.

Transfer Is Prime parameter from Hidden columns to Visible columns. Save changes by clicking Save.

Set Is Prime parameter as Yes. Save entered data.
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