Package labels

The label on the package passes on important information about the parcel, such as the point of departure or destination, weight, carrier name, etc. In order to be able to process your packages quickly and without errors, we need correctly filled out labels. Without these specified shipping labels, packages may be delayed on their way, delivered to a wrong address or get lost completely, resulting in either financial loss or loss of customer confidence, which shows the importance of correct shipping labels!


Sample label

Package labels
Name of the company.
Unique product code, quantity of goods in one box, product ID, box dimensions.
Prep center address, to which the goods were sent.
Shipment ID, product name.
SKU and FNSKU of the product.
Box number, label printing date.

Ysell package labels

1. Click on Actions and select Package labels in the dropdown menu.

2. In the field Package num enter the code which will be used on the label. For example, it could be the tracking number of this box, received from the supplier.

3. Click on Auto Generate to generate labels for each box by marking them sequentially. Finally, click on Print to print the stickers.

FBA package labels

In order to specify the FBA number on the label, click on Actions and select Package labels in the dropdown menu. Enter the number of the first box with FBA label into the field First fba package num.

Import of csv file

You can import a file with codes to use. In order to do this, go to the tab Import from csv file. Download the csv file with the codes and import it.
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