FBA logic

Ysell allows you to create FBA shipments in automatic mode, calculating the amount of products to ship based on various parameters, such as the amount of products already on their way to the Amazon warehouse, the amount of products on Amazon, the sales speed, and the shipping time.

Go to FBA and the FBA Logic section. In the FBA Logic section, formulas are used to calculate the quantity of a product for shipment to the Amazon warehouse.

Ysell uses parameters such as the sales velocity, the time of product reservation, and the total quantity of the product in Amazon warehouses, including those shipped to Amazon, to calculate the shipping quantity of the product. You can set the minimum quantity of a product for shipping on the Markets tab in the Product Card.

Go to the Markets tab in a product card. Set parameters Min, Fba fixed, FBA fixed min.
The min value sets the minimum quantity of the product to be shipped to Amazon.
Fba fixed sets the value specified in the parameter FBA fixed min.
FBA fixed min is used to specify a fixed minimum quantity of product to be shipped.

Create a shipment with the type “Send to FBA from prep” to create a shipment to FBA from prep center using the set FBA logic parameters. Start shipment creation with FBA logic parameters for each SKU by clicking FBA Logic.
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