Remaining stock

1. You can check the residuals of goods for each warehouse both from the product card on the “Warehouse” tab, and through the “Warehouse” menu item. Consider each of them.

2. The “Warehouse” tab provides information on products in stock. There you can see the name of the warehouse, country, type of warehouse (local - the product is stored locally, remote - remotely), the owner of a product, whether the goods are stored in boxes or units (to store goods in boxes, you must specify masterbox dimensions), how many pieces of goods are stored in one box, as well as the quantity of the reserved goods and their availability in the warehouse. The history of movement of goods through the warehouse can be viewed by opening the “Warehouse history” tab.

3. The “Product qty” graph displays changes in the quantity of a product over a time scale.

4. Let's move on to the “Warehouse menu” item. The Warehouse tab contains information about the warehouses that entered the system.


5. The “Warehouse products” tab searches for warehouses. Enter a Product ID to search for a product. Pay attention to the ability to sort the list by various parameters (warehouse name, type, product owner, etc.).

6. The “Stocktaking” tab is used for stocktaking goods. The cost price, as well as the number of goods, are indicated. By using filters, you can find out the quantity of a product in the FBA or FBM warehouse.
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