How to create an account

1. Ysell is a system, where you're able to create as many accounts as you want.
2. To create a new account go to SettingsUsers. Then click on the “Create User” button to go to the details of the new user:

Username* - you need it to log into Ysell.

Email* - user's email, can also be used for login.

Telegram - for additional information, integrate user's telegram with his account.

Password* - create a password for this user.

Status* - select Active or Not Active to activate or deactivate the user.

User Roles* - specify which sections of the account the user will have access to:
  • Admin - has access to all sections of the client;
  • Manager - has access to all work sections but does not have access to sections of management and settings of the company;
  • Packer - has access to orders and product creation but does not have access to company and account settings;
  • Purchaser - has access to lots (shipments) but does not have access to company and account settings.
Allowed Companies - specify which companies the user will have access to.

Allowed Manufacturers - specify which manufacturers the user will have access to.

Bitrix User Id - if the user is registered in Bitrix24, Ysell will integrate the account.
3. To change the password, account type, and also to edit the username, click on the pencil icon. Deleting an account is possible by clicking on the trash bin icon.

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