Supplier Reorder

Enter information about the product's supplier. Provide the information about the supplier's products. Go to Suppliers on the product page. Enter information about the product clicking Add in the Supplier's block.

You can also enter the minimum or maximum quantity of the product to replenish the inventory by creating an outbound shipment to FBA.

Min available - The minimum quantity of the product that Amazon will stock.

Max available - the maximum quantity of the product that Amazon will stock.

Enter the information about the product supplier. Enter Yes in the string Is main supplier. Save the entered changes

Set a new rule in the Order Rules settings in order to select a Prep Center automatically . Go to Settings - Order Rules. Edit existed one or create a new one by clicking Create Order Rule

Specify a company for which a rule is to be set. Click Reorder to initiate the creation of the Supplier Reorder settings block.

In the Reorder block, specify the priority of the rule and select the Active check box. Save the entered changes by clicking Save.

Supplier Orders

Ysell.pro specifies that a purchase order is fulfilled via a Supplier's order if the product in the purchase order is not in stock at the Prep Centers.

The quantity of the product is indicated in the Reordered column for a particular order.

Go to menu Product - Supplier orders. Create the order by a Supplier clicking Create Order.

Select a supplier and a company. Click Create to start creating an order to the supplier.

Add products manually by clicking Add Product. To add products automatically click Add products automatically. Check the box at Orders and click Add to complete the reorder.

Select the products for the reorder. Click Create Order to complete the creation of the order.

Creating inbound shipment for the reorder

To create a reorder shipment for the created order indicate Supplier order num. Then click Create Shipment. If you need to generate Supplier file with the order list for the supplier click “Generate”.

Enter the information for the Prep Center processing the shipment in the Create shipment block. In the Qty to shipment column specify the quantity of the products that are dispatched. Clicking Add product to shipment adds the product automatically.

The system creates a transport for the selected Prep Center. Clicking Send to Prep on the Send to Prep tab forwards the shipping information to the prep center.
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