FBA statuses


1 FBA preparation - This is the stage of product preparation. Here, you can still make adjustments to the product card before changing the status to FBA ready.
2 FBA ready - At this stage, the product is ready to ship.
3 FBA prime - With his function, the process would work through Amazon Seller Prime. However, this became outdated because meanwhile there is a corresponding tab in the product card.
4 Product without FBA - This status shows that the product does not work with FBA. This concerns orders from private warehouses, for example FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant).


1 FBA Closed - This status is set, when Amazon accepted all goods to the warehouse.
2 FBA Fehler - This status indicates an error, due to which further work with the product is impossible. To continue the work on this product, you have to go troubleshooting (comments can be left on the product card).
3 FBA NML - This status indicates that products are no longer produced and therefore can't be sent.
4 FBA stock error - This shows an error with the stock.
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