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Properly creating tasks for receiving goods is a crucial aspect of warehouse management. It not only ensures accuracy but also enhances warehouse operational efficiency. Proper shipment preparation guarantees that each batch of goods will be received at the warehouse with maximum precision. Our detailed guide provides you with step-by-step instructions, ensuring seamless execution of all warehouse operations..
1. To create a warehouse shipment with the Send to Warehouse type, go to the Prep Client section in the menu. Then select Shipments from the menu items. To initiate the creation of a new shipment, click on Create Shipment.

2. In the Shipment Type field, select the Send to Warehouse option from the drop-down menu. After selecting the shipment type, click Next to proceed to the next step.

3. In the Prep Center field, select the name of the Prep center from the dropdown menu that is intended for the shipment. Click Next to proceed to the created shipment page
Products can be added to the created shipment individually or by importing a spreadsheet. Let's explore both methods.
4. To add an item to the shipment, search for the product by clicking on Add Product.

5. To search for a specific SKU, utilize the product attribute filtering. You can perform searches using the Ysell product identifier, listings on the product, the product's manufacturer, supplier, supplier's item number, and other attributes.

6. After setting the search parameters, click on Search to find the product. To add information about the shipped SKU to the shipment, click on the plus icon (+)

7.To specify the quantity of the product, select the Unit option in the Measure section. This indicates that the product will be stored in the warehouse individually. Fill in the Qty field to indicate the number of units to be received in the warehouse. Also, specify the service for receiving the product in the warehouse. To add the product to the shipment, click on Add.
A Masterbox is a pre-packed box containing a specific quantity of items of a single SKU. These boxes are prepared in advance for convenient storage and transportation. Masterboxes streamline packing, storage, and product delivery processes, ensuring efficiency and convenience in logistics operations.

8. To specify the quantity of prepared boxes (Masterboxes) select the box attribute in the measure field. In the Units per box field, indicate the quantity of items in one box. In the Qty field, specify the number of boxes with items. Click Add to include the indicated quantity of boxes with items in the shipment.
9. To add items to the shipment using table import, click on Import from file from the shipment page. To download the import table template, click on Download Example file

10. Save the downloaded file and open it using a document editor. Specify the SKU/FNSKU/ID or SUP_NUM parameter in the columns where the system needs to locate the required items. To enable the system to locate the item based on these parameters, it is not necessary to provide all of them. Enter the value corresponding to the SKU, FNSKU, item identifier, or supplier number in the respective column.

11. In the Measure column, set the value to Units for shipping by individual units and Box for shipping by master boxes. Use Units for individual items. For prepared boxes of items (master boxes), use the attribute Box. To specify the quantity of units or master boxes to be shipped to the warehouse, enter the data in the QTY column. If you are using the shipment of prepared boxes of items (master boxes), enter the value in the UNITS_IN_BOX column, which determines the quantity of items in one box. To add an expiration date for the product, enter the expiration date value in the EXPIRATION_DATE column in the format year-month-day. If the product does not have an expiration date, leave the EXPIRATION_DATE column empty.

12. To upload shipment information via a spreadsheet, select the prepared file in the File field. Specify the column delimiter for the spreadsheet. To set the service that will be applied to all items in the table, choose it in the Service field.
13. Providing the tracking number and packing list number allows the warehouse to accurately identify the shipment in the system. This reduces the processing time for receiving goods at the warehouse in the absence of other shipment details

14. To add the tracking number to the shipment, go to the Tracking section and click on Add Tracking. Specify the Carrier in the respective field. Enter the tracking number in the Tracking Number field.

15. To add the pack list number, navigate to the Pack Lists section and click on Add Pack List. Set the pack list number in the Pack List Num field. Click Save to save the entered information.
Transfering shipment details to the Prep Center is crucial. Failure to do so means the warehouse won't locate the shipment in WMS, causing processing delays and potentially incurring additional costs for Prep Center services.

16. To assign the task of receiving goods to the Prep Center, go to the Send to Prep tab. To send shipment details to the Prep Center, click on Send to Prep Center. Note that the shipment status has changed to Transfer.

17. You can recall the shipment from the Transfer status back to New. To do so, click on Recall Shipment. Please note that you can only recall the shipment from the Transfer status!
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