Shipment from supplier to Amazon FBA warehouse

The advantage of this option is that you can send your goods directly from the supplier to an Amazon warehouse. This saves you time and effort because you no longer have to enter these deliveries in separate documents or external programs
Configure the list of available suppliers yourself. Go to “Suppliers” and fill in the supplier information by clicking on “Create Supplier”. Indicate the name of the supplier, his number, as well as the address for the FBA-shipment. For each product, you can select one or more suppliers.

For any item number, you can enter a default supplier. To do this, go to the “Supplier” tab on the product card and enter the supplier by clicking on Add Supplier - the default supplier will be offered automatically. The default selection can be changed at any time.

Go to the product submission page. Create a new shipment in the system, specifying the name of the company.

Click on FBA product search to search for a product by its SKU/FNSKU/Asin.

Add an item to your shipment. Indicate the services that the Prep Center will perform when preparing the goods.

If there are boxes that are labeled with a barcode, the system will offer to send them using Masterbox

Proceed to create an FBA plan. Select the “FBA plan” tab. Clicking on “Create Plan” will initiate the creation of a shipping plan for Amazon.

Choose to ship in boxes or pallets.

The file with stickers for the supplier is ready. Each item has its own label printed.

If you want to make changes to the shipment after sending it to the prep center, you have to withdraw it, first . To do this, go to the “Prep” tab in the shipment and click on the “Recall Shipment” button (only available from the “Transfer” status). After that, you can make changes to the shipment and send it to the Prep Center, again.
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