Shipment types

1. Send to the warehouse - is used, when sending goods to a Prep Center.
2. Send to FBA from Prep - is used, when sending goods from the Prep Center to Amazon FBA, if the goods were previously accepted at the warehouse.
3. Transit to FBA from Prep FBA - is used, when the Prep Center accepts the goods and immediately transfers them to another carrier.
4. Forwarding to client - This is the sending of a single product to the client, through the Prep Center. The Prep Center receives the package and immediately sends it to the client.
5. Removal - Shipment for returned goods from Amazon. When the “get removals” option is enabled, removals are automatically imported from Amazon.
6. Storage- the Prep Center creates shipments of this type to calculate the cost of storage per month.
7. Send directly to FBA - is used, if the supplier himself sends the goods to Amazon FBA, bypassing the Prep Center.
8. Purchase - is used by the Prep Center, to purchase goods for clients.
9. FBM Order - is used to send FBM shipments to the end customers.
10. Info - serves solely for the exchange of information between client and the Prep Center, can be created directly without the participation of technical support managers.
11. Pick up from warehouse - the clients create shipments of this type, if they need to collect their from Prep Center in order to relocate them or dispose of them.
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