Shipment's statuses

New - The shipment has been created but has not yet been sent to a prep center. Shipments with this status are not visible to a prep center.
Transfer - The shipment was sent to a prep center. The goods are on their way to the warehouse.

> Received- The Prep Center has received the goods but has not yet started processing them.

4. Processing - The Prep Center has received the goods and they are being processed (picking and packing).
5. Pending - A special status for shipments with problems, is rarely used.
6. Controlling - The warehouse has completed the processing, the goods are stored in the warehouse or collected and packed for shipment to FBA.
7. Pay - The shipment is ready for an invoice to be issued. In this status you can see the cost of processing the shipment on the Cost tab. You don't have to wait for an invoice.
8. Closed - All operations related to this shipment are complete.
9. Deleted - This shipment was removed by the customer.
If you want to make changes to a shipment after it's been sent to the Prep Center, you must first revoke them.

To do this, go to the Prep tab in the shipment and click on Recall Shipment (only available from the “Transfer” status)


After that, you can make the changes and resubmit to the Prep Center.
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