Working with Sets/Bundles in WMS

Accurate management of sets and bundles in the Ysell.pro system is crucial for their processing and shipping. It ensures precision and efficiency in course of picking and packing. The warehouse staff precisely knows which products are included in each set, which eliminates errors and enhances the general efficiency of warehouse operations.

How to indicate that a product is a set or bundle?

To specify that a product is a set or bundle in the Ysell.pro system, you need to provide the relevant information on the product card. By assigning other products

to this particular product you explicitly state that this product is a set.

To designate a product as a set or bundle in the system, you need to specify its components. To do this, go to the product page that you want to mark as a set. To add the components of the set, go to the Set Contents section and click Add .

Enter the product identification number that you want to make a component of the set or bundle in the “Product ID” field. Indicate the quantity of units being added as parts of the set in the “Qty” field.

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