Picking up goods from the warehouse

1. First, go to Prep Client - Shipments and create a new shipment by clicking on Create shipment.

2. Select your company and choose the shipment type Pick up from warehouse.

3. Enter the prep center (warehouse) from which you want to send or pick up the goods and click on Next.

4. Click on Product search and select the product you want to pick up.

5. Find the required product by using available filters.

6. Click on the + button in order to add the product.

7. Add a certain quantity of boxes with units or just the units by choosing Measure and Qty.

8. Open Notes to enter instructions on how you want to pick up the product. It's necessary for the driver to carry a signed BOL at least.

9. Download the file with a detailed description of the shipment and forward it to your driver.

10. Attach the transport labels by clicking Files.
11. Finally, send a lot to the prep center.

12. If you need to change a lot, withdraw it from the prep center by using the Recall shipment button.
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