Packaging units

The “Parcels” option is used to indicate that a specific product is shipped separately from other products in the order. For example, there are 10 units of the good in the order but the client wants each unit to be sent in separate packaging, so the order will be sent in 10 parcels. Second situation, the product consists of two parts/packages (as a rule, these are goods weighting over 30 kg) and each of these parts needs its own postage stamp.
Thus, for each package the system creates a separate shipping mark, a separate tracking number and for each package the Prep center provides separate service.

1. To print a postage stamp, you need to add all the packages, you want to ship. Go to the product card and find Parcels.

2. Press Add.

3. Press + to add one item to enter the packaging information. Weight is the weight of the product in this particular package and the Memo field is for numbering the package or product details. You can delete the item by pressing the red bin icon.

4. Press + again to add an additional item if your product consists of two or more packages.

Press Save to save the information.

5. Next to Parcels, you can see how many packages there are of this product. Click on the number to edit the information.

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