Creating Master-box labels

  • For acceptance into the warehouse, the goods must be properly marked. If requested marking is absent, it would take longer to identify the goods.
  • If printing is not available, it means that the amount in Masterbox is not indicated on the product card.
1. To create Masterbox labels, go to the product card.

2. Provide the dimensions of the product in the window Product dimension.

3. In the Masterbox dimension field you can specify how many items are included in the Masterbox, their weight, height, depth and width of the box. The Masterbox barcode allows the prep center to identify the product and its quantity. By default, barcode uses the Product ID “blank” its amount in the box. You can define your own barcode by changing the data and saving your changes.

4. Go to Prep Client - Shipments and create a new shipment by clicking Create Shipments.

5. Enter the name of the company, the service needed (in this case, send to the warehouse) and select a prep center.

6. Search a product by its ID or other known details by using the Product search function.

7. When adding an item to a box shipment the system will form a position based on the number of items in a box. Adding a product in units will create an item in the specified quantity.

8. Re-adding items to the shipment will create a separate item. When adding Masterbox to a shipment indicate the number of boxes!

9. It's necessary to enter information about the GTIN and/or FNSKU of the product. Go to “Suppliers”. Specify the GTIN and/or FNSKU of the product, in the line “Manufacturer numbers”. Choose to use it by default“.

10. You may need to change the label format for a specific supplier. Go to the Products - Suppliers section, find the supplier of the product and click on the edit icon. Go to the line Masterbox label, in the appearing window. Enter the required parameters for the sticker (height, width, and text for the label).

11. Finally, print out the Masterbox labels. To do this, select the “Actions” - “M-box lables” function in the “Qty” column and enter the details, which will be printed on the sticker (this might be the GTIN or FNSKU of the product, etc.) After clicking on “print”, you can look at what the resulting sticker looks like.

12. You can print the FNSKU product sticker by selecting the printer icon to the right of the product FNSKU information line.

13. Click on export shipment on the shipment page, to download the shipping information in .xls format.

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