Masterbox labels are stickers, used by the warehouse to identify boxes with goods. The warehouse receives information about the name of the product and its quantity by scanning those labels. After scanning, the goods immediately become ready for further movement. In order to give specific product information on the sticker, the system needs to know the details of the product.
1. To enter the details, such as the dimensions of the box and about the amount of goods (in one box), go to the product page. Click on the pencil icon to start editing the Masterbox parameters.

2. Specify how many items are included into the “Masterbox dimension field”, also their weight and height, as well as the depth and width of the box. The Masterbox barcode allows the Prep Center to determine the kind of product and its quantity. By default, barcode uses the product ID “blank” amount in the box format. You can define your own barcode by changing the data in the field and saving the changes you made.
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