А brief overview of Ysell functions

The main purpose of the Ysell software to simplify the interaction with the Prep center.
1. Follow the link for authorisation. Complete the initial setup of the program. Specify parameters of the time zone, the language of the system, currency, and metric or imperial system for units of measure.

2. For safety purposes, you need to provide a password to access the system.

3. Enter the company name.

4. Fill in the company contact details. Make sure that the specified data is correct. This information will be used for billing.

5. Install a connection with the Prep center. Specify the name of the chosen warehouse in the drop-down list (Connect your Ysell to Prep center?).

Enter additional information, which will simplify the work of interacting with the warehouse. It is optional to fill in all fields.

Country of location - Country where the company is located

Support language - The preferred language used for the communicating with the warehouse.

Work model - The model by which the trade is conducted. Specify integration with marketplaces.

Product examples (Asin, product link, photo, description) - Specify an example of a product.

Estimated turnover - Specify the size of the estimated turnover.

Additional requirements for the product / service / etc - Specify additional requirements for goods and services.
In the next step, the system will suggest the ability to integrate your account with Amazon services. You can refuse platform integration.
Here are the benefits of the interaction with Amazon integration.

Automatic import of goods - All your products will be imported to your Ysell account (the Prep center doesn't have access to your Ysell account. It works with products received from you).

Backup - The data imported into Ysell (products, lists, orders) is your data backup for Amazon.

FBA Limits - Creating a shipment to FBA, you can see quantity limits for goods set by Amazon.

Fully automated work with FBA shipments - You don't need to supply the prep center with FNSKU stickers or labels on FBA boxes. The Prep center will create those for you.

FBA stock and sales control - In the product card, you're able to see the current stock quantity, the quantity of goods in transit and sales in 7, 30, 60 or 90 days.

Synchronization of warehouse stock with Amazon for the FBM model - FBM inventory is transferred from the Prep center to your Amazon Seller Central.

Listings creation - Lists of existing products on Amazon, transfer of prices and stocks.

Automatic loading of orders from Amazon to Ysell - This function is required if you want your prep center to deliver your products to customers (FBM). Besides, since all orders from Amazon are transferred, you're able to use some reports from the paid version of Ysell, to analyze your activities.

Automatic loading of Amazon Removal Orders - Ysell downloads Amazon removals. This way, you control the processing of all returns from Amazon.

FBA goods quantity control, received by Amazon. - The system displays all inconsistencies upon receipt of goods with the stated amount. You can load the BOL for every FBA shipment, without asking for it at the Prep center.

Reports - Ysell displays FBA inventory reports, order reports and reports on sales in different markets.

Click on Select and go to configuring integration parameters. Enter the region (Europe or North America) and follow the instructions to add integration.

Fill in the «Seller ID», «Default marketplace», «MWS Authorisation Token» fields. Click on the “Next” button to complete the integration process.
Seller ID - Specify Seller ID of Your Amazon account. How to get your Amazon Seller ID

Default Marketplace - Specify the default marketplace. Where to find information about the marketplace

MWS Authorisation Token - Specify the MWS token. Where to find authorisation Token

The integration with Amazon is optional. To continue working without integration, select the appropriate item in the settings.

With integration in the marketplace, listing information is loaded automatically. Add product information yourself, if there is no integration.
Before sending goods to a warehouse, it is necessary to record their arrival. Please read these instructions before actually shipping the product.
To transfer goods from the Prep center to Amazon FBA, you need to create a new shipment in the system. For this you choose “Send to FBA from Prep”.
If you are integrated with the trading platform, the orders will automatically be created in Ysell and sent to an available prep center. If you chose to work without the integration, Ysell will provide the function to create orders.
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