Shipment for forwarding goods

1. Go to the tab Prep Client and click on Shipments.
2. Proceed to click on Create shipment, in the new window.
3. There is a new window with only one field Company. After you click on Next you will see more fields to fill in.

Enter the name of the Company, which is creating the shipment.

For Shipment type, select Forwarding.

For Prep Center select the prep center, which will process the shipment.

After you have selected the prep center and clicked on Next, a shipment with an unique number will be created.

4. In the opened tab you will need to enter the information Send from (sender of shipment) and Send to (recipient of shipment). It is important, to attach a postage stamp as a PDF file, using the button Files! Click on Save in order to complete the process.
5. Go to the tab Tracking and click on Add tracking, in order to add a tracking number. This action is required, because we identify your package by the tracking number.
6. Fill in the required fields and click on Save.
7. In order to finish the creation of the shipment, go to the tab Send to Prep and click on the button Send to Prep Center. This way, your shipment will be processed by the prep center. Otherwise, the shipment cannot be processed.
8. After you have sent your shipment, it will be assigned the status Transfer. As long as the shipment is assigned this status, you can return the shipment and change any details in it, using the button Recall shipment.
9. When the Prep Center starts to process the shipment, it will set the status Processing. Now, you are no longer able to change anything in the shipment. After the product has been processed and sent, the shipment be will be assigned the status Closed. The shipment is now completed. You will see the tab Cost with the shipment price.
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