Dashboard: interface and functions

1. Dashboard - this is the main page of Ysell that presents the main information on the connected Prep center's active shipments and orders and your balance. Click on the name of the company/client in the upper left corner of the screen to go to the Dashboard. Information is presented in the context of Prep centers, to which the company is connected:
2. The “Prep center” section. Here is the name of the Prep center. When you hover your mouse cursor over it a pop-up window with the Prep center address. By the hyperlink, You can go to the company settings to the “Prep” tab:
3. In the “Stock” section the current volume of goods is indicated which is stored in the Prep center. By the hyperlink, You can go to the "Warehouse" page with detailed information.
4. In the “Shipments” section you can find the number of the client's shipments by statuses, by the hyperlink, You can go to the lists of shipments (hover over the status for a hint to appear):
Transfer - goods in order (lots) on the way to the Prep center;
Processing - goods in order (lots) processed by the Prep center;
5. In the “Orders” section you can find the amounts that are billed for sending orders. The “Services” column shows the accumulated cost of services for processing FBM orders which have not yet been invoiced.
6. The “Invoices” column shows the amount of unpaid invoices.

! If the Balance/Deposit amount is sufficient the full amount (or part of the amount equal to Balance/Deposit) is automatically debited from it. Thus if the balance is positive then the amount of the “Invoices” column will be 0. “Invoices” + “Services” columns in total must be less than the amount of balance so that the shipment of orders is possible. If the sum of these columns is greater than the sum of the balance you need to top-up the balance, otherwise, shipments will be blocked.

7. The “Orders count by status” section shows the list of unshipped orders in the context of the statuses. Click on the matching line to go to the list of orders.

8. The “Orders amount” section shows sales statistics by platforms the company is connected to.

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