How to create a product copy with another condition

1. You are able to create a copy of your product with another condition (UsedLikeNew, UsedVeryGood, UsedGood, etc). Therefore, go to product card, then to the “Product Relations” section and click on the Add button.

2. A window opens. Select the Create product with condition tab.

3. Select the appropriate condition from the dropdown list. Also, indicate what other actions need to be done: copy an image from the main product and/ or copy listings.

4. As a result, the new ID for the copy of the product will be created as well as its product card. This copy will be shown in the main product in the “Relations” section. If You want to break off relations between the products - click on the “basket” button.

5. The condition of the copied product will be shown within the product card, in the Other section (lower right corner). You can also write it in the “Title” field.
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