How to connect ChannelMAX to Ysell

ChannelMAX is a repricer that uses algorithms to constantly monitor information such as BuyBox, sales rank, and sales velocity, and combines this information along with a sales target to set your Amazon prices. ChannelMax integration with Ysell maximizes your BuyBox share and increases your sales.

1. Go to “Settings” - “Companies”. Click the pencil button near a company name to go to the company settings.

2. On the settings page, go to the “Platforms” tab and click the pencil button in the “Amazon Connection” row.

3. On the page that opens, go to the “Repricer” section at the bottom of the page and check the “Active” box in the “Repricer” block. Click “Save” and wait at least 30 minutes before performing the next step.

4. Open the ChannelMAX page on the new tab and go to “Settings” - “Account”. In the drop-down list, select the “Dropship” tab.

5. Click “My Own FTP” in the Name section. Transfer information from the “Repricer” block in Ysell to the “Inventory Download Info” block on the ChannelMAX settings page. Click “Browse FTP”.

6 After clicking “Browse FTP”, Channel MAX will display the file names imported from Ysell. Compare the names from Ysell and ChannelMax, they should be identical.

7.Check the connection with the FTP server by clicking “Check connection” in the Ysell settings.

8. Text the support team of ChannelMAX using this template: “Greetings! Please, check if it is possible to start processing files for repricing. Are the settings and file format correct?
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