Sending goods to the warehouse

1. Go to Prep Client - Shipments .

2. Create a new shipment by clicking on Create shipment.

Fill in the shipping information

Company - Company name

Shipment type - For sending goods to the warehouse, choose Send to warehouse

Prep-Center - The name of the prep center, which will process the shipment.

4. By clicking on Product Search, you can search for a product by its identification number.

5. If the quantity of goods differs from the one specified in the Masterbox Dimensions, you need the change the quantity in the Masterbox. Select Units, then Masterbox Label.

6. After clicking on Print, you'll see what the resulting sticker will look like.

7. Add an item to your shipment. If you'll ship barcoded boxes, choose Box in the measure field. The measurements of the box are specified in the Masterbox Dimensions field on the product card. Finally, choose Put goods on storage.

8. Initiate sending by clicking on the Send to prep tab. Select Send to prep center.

9.To edit the details of this shipment, click on Recall shipment . This option is only possible, if the shipment will be assigned the Transfer status

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