Returns processing

According to Amazon's return policy, merchants who fulfill their own orders are required to accept and process their own returns. With Ysell, you can instruct the prep center to process the items sent by the customer back to the warehouse. IMPORTANT: On the return label, the recipient must be indicated in the next format - Fulfillment-BOX (Company name).

1. Go to the main page of the system. Returns received by the prep center are displayed in the “Order by status” field. Refunds received by the prep center are displayed in statuses 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3. You can also access the returns received by the prep center by sorting orders by status in the Orders menu.

2. Click on the status bar to go to information about it.

3. Prep center specifies the condition of the arrived goods. If the product arrives in a used condition, a copy associated with the main product is created, indicating the condition of the product.

4. Confirm the return of the goods by clicking on Accept.

5. Provide the prep center with additional information on processing the return by filling in the guidance for returns field on a product card.

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